22. Apr 2024

Wie THC & CBD Analysen von NIRLAB Cannabis-Anbauvereinigungen bzw. Cannabis Social Clubs in Deutschland unterstützen kann

Mit der Legalisierung von Cannabis am 1. April 2024 hat Deutschland ein neues Kapitel in seiner Drogenpolitik aufgeschlagen, das einen wachsenden Trend in Europa hin zu liberaleren Ansätzen im Umgang mit Cannabis widerspiegelt. Diese politische Veränderung zielt nicht nur darauf ab, die mit dem Drogenhandel verbundene Kriminalität zu reduzieren, sondern
19. Jan 2024

How to Set Up Your NIR Spectrometer for Optimal Results in the Cannabis Industry

The integration of NIRLAB’s mobile NIR spectrometer marks a pivotal advancement in the cannabis industry, aligning the precision of Near-Infrared (NIR) spectroscopy with the nuanced requirements of cannabis cultivation and product development. This technological leap enhances the efficiency and precision of cannabinoid profiling, ensuring product consistency, safety, and compliance with
19. Dec 2023

Comprehensive Catalogue for Cannabis Industry: Cannabinoids Substances

The cannabis landscape is rapidly shifting, prioritizing the safety and well-being of consumers and adherence to regulatory frameworks. For breeders and growers, NIRLAB revolutionizes cultivation practices with real-time substance identification and quantification. This not only keeps professionals at the forefront of the industry but also ensures compliance with legal standards,

NIRLAB mobile and handheld NIR Spectroscopy Solutions and Apps

NIRLAB detects and quantifies material and substance compositions non-destructively, instant and precise by using NIR spectroscopy and advanced machine learning algorithms.

The innovative digital ecosystem takes quality, transparency and security to a new level and generates real world data for automation and 3rd party AI applications.

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