Our Spectroscopy Applications

We offer a variety of near-infrared applications for substance analysis and specialize in on-demand development of spectroscopy solutions tailored to the needs of a various industries.

Narcotics Detection for Law Enforcement
Our handheld NIR spectrometer is designed to identify and quantify narcotics and explosives on-site within seconds. Our point-and-shoot solution is made for the needs of law enforcement officers: Accurate. Simple. Fast. Safe.
Cocain HCl
Purity Base
Match 99%
Drug Checking for Harm Reduction
Our portable analyzer revolutionizes drug checking for harm reduction organizations. NIRLAB for drug checking services swiftly and accurately analyzes more than 150 illicit and psychoactive substances within seconds.
Heroin Base
Purity Base
Match 98%
Cannabinoids in Cannabis
Our mobile NIR laboratory solution for the cannabis industry enables cultivators, breeders, growers, and wholesalers to quantify cannabinoids (e.g. THC, CBD, CBG) in a few seconds.
Cannabis THC
THC Total
Total CBD
Polymer Identification for Plastic Sorting
We enable recycling, plastic sorting, and waste management organizations to identify all common polymers such as PP, PA6, PA66, PET, PS, PVC, ABS, HDPE, LDPE, and many more.
On-Demand Solutions
In addition to our existing solutions, we also specialize in developing NIR analyses tailored to the specific needs of a broad spectrum of industries upon request.

Build Your Own FIELDLAB Solution

Our mobile NIR spectroscopy solution is the Swiss Knife for any use case that requires instant analysis in the field.

Our core competence lies in developing industry-specific solutions tailored to the unique needs of your organization. We specialize in creating NIR solutions for the agricultural, feed, food, pharmaceutical, and recycling industries.
Our Chemometrics Suite ‘NIRLAB Pro’ allows chemometricians and organizations to develop high quality data models for spectral data at a new level of speed and precision with a seamless and automatic workflow, from data acquisition to production.

NIRLAB mobile and handheld NIR Spectroscopy Solutions and Apps

NIRLAB detects and quantifies material and substance compositions non-destructively, instant and precise by using NIR spectroscopy and advanced machine learning algorithms.

The innovative digital ecosystem takes quality, transparency and security to a new level and generates real world data for automation and 3rd party AI applications.

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