Revolutionizing Drug Checking.

A handheld screening device designed to identify and quantify illicit substances within 5 seconds.

NIR Laboratory for Harm Reduction.

NIRLAB for drug checking services swiftly and accurately identifies and quantifies all major illicit and psychoactive substances.

Quantification of substances

Identify and quantify the purity of substances such as cocaine, heroin, ketamine, phenethylamines (including MDMA, amphetamine, and methamphetamine), and THC and CBD in cannabis.

No sample preparation

Substances can be analyzed without any sample preparation, and can also be scanned either in direct contact or through plastic bags, ensuring safe and simple usage of the mobile lab.

Point and click analysis

You don’t need to be an expert to use our point-and-click solution. Simply point the NIRLIGHT device towards the substance in question and press the button for instant results.

Instant result

Scanning results are shown on a user-friendly mobile app (iOS & Android) within seconds. Unlimited substance analysis can be performed.

Up to 3 substances in a mixture

With our handheld near-infrared (NIR) device you can detect up to 3 substances in a mixture, including cutting agents and precursors.

Drug Identification for Law Enforcement, & Drug Checking Portable Narcotics Scanner

What are the Benefits for Drug Checking Services?

Our mobile NIR lab for drug detection and substance analysis is tailored to the needs of drug checking services, consumption rooms and harm reduction organizations.

NIRLAB’s mobile drug checking solution rapidly and accurately identifies a wide range of illicit and synthetic drugs. This, includes cutting agents and precursors, offering significant advantages for drug checking services and harm reduction organizations.

This means delivering real-time, actionable information that can significantly mitigate the risks associated with substance use. Instant analysis empowers harm reduction organizations to provide immediate feedback on the composition of substances, ensuring users are informed about potential adulterants or unexpected potency levels.

This not only enhances the safety and effectiveness of harm reduction strategies but also fosters trust and communication between the service providers and those they serve. Ultimately, instant drug analysis is a powerful tool in reducing harm and saving lives in communities impacted by substance use.

Identify more than

150 substances

cutting agents and precursors







NIRLAB NIRLIGHT Portable Narcotics Analyzer
Cocaine Spectrum Drug Checking, Harm Reduction

Mobile App

Our NIRLAB mobile App for Android and iOS displays the results of each substance scan within seconds.

The scan results are easy to read and interpret on the mobile phone. The substance in question is identified by analyzing its spectrum and comparing it to our large substance database. In this example, we have utilized the FIELDLAB solution for the qualification and quantification of cocaine.

Harm Reduction handheld narcotics analyzer NIRLAB


With our cloud-based solution we can not only identify the substance but also quantify its purity in mixtures.

For example, our NIR solution can quantify the content of cocaine in mixtures and cannabinoids in Cannabis (e.g. THC, CBD), as well as the purity of heroin, ketamine, and many other illicit substances.

Cutting Agents

In addition to identifying the active substance, the mobile app also displays precursors and cutting agents in mixtures.

For example, our handheld narcotics scanner can identify cutting agents such as lidocaine, benzocaine, levamisole, caffeine, baking soda, mannitol, phenacetin, paracetamol, starch, and many other agents. Our substance list is constantly growing, with updates being made ongoingly and available instantly to all users.

Science & Blog

NIRLAB solutions analyze substances using near infrared spectroscopy. Learn more about the scientific background.

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See how easy it is

NIRLAB delivers your results in seconds, reliably and without complication. Watch our tutorial on narcotics and drug analysis to see for yourself.

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Contact us for more information on our NIR handheld analyzer for drug checking services and harm reduction organizations. We are here to help.

Download Handout

Find more information in our drug checking handout and learn how you can identify and quantify illicit substances on-site within seconds.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    NIR spectroscopy, or Near-Infrared (NIR) Spectroscopy, is a technique used to analyze the chemical composition of various substances, including drugs. It works by measuring the absorption and reflection of near-infrared light by the material being tested. This light interacts with the molecules in the substance, causing vibrations that are specific to different chemical bonds and structures. By analyzing these vibrations, NIR spectroscopy can identify and quantify different compounds within a substance.

    Near Infrared (NIR) spectroscopy’s non-destructive, rapid, and versatile nature makes it an ideal tool for drug detection and checking, especially in field conditions where quick and accurate results are necessary for safety and law enforcement.

    NIRLAB’s drug checking solution is an innovative solution using a portable NIR (Near-Infrared Spectroscopy) device to rapidly identify and quantify narcotics, cutting agents, and precursors. It is specifically designed to assist harm reduction organizations, drug checking services and other relevant organizations in accurate onsite substance analysis.

    NIRLAB’s handheld device uses near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy technology and advanced machine learning to analyze the chemical composition of a substance. By pointing the device at the sample and pressing a button, the device identifies and quantifies the substance within seconds, providing results directly on a connected mobile app.

    Yes, our mobile NIR solution is specifically designed for simplicity and ease of use in field conditions. You do not need to be an NIR spectroscopy expert or chemist to analyze substances. No special training or expertise is required to operate our handheld analyzer.

    The handheld spectrometer can identify over 150 substances, including major drugs of abuse like cocaine, heroine, MDMA, methamphetamine, and ketamine, as well as new psychoactive substances (NPS), cutting agents, and precursors. It can analyze substances and mixtures in various forms, such as powders, pills, liquids or flowers (e.g. cannabis).

    New substances are continuously added to the database and are immediately available to all users. Feel free to contact us for a complete list of substances.


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