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In less than 5 seconds, most cannabis substances can be identified and quantified with our handheld screening device.

NIR Laboratory for Cannabis Industry.

NIRLAB’s cannabis scanning services swiftly and accurately identify and quantify all major cannabinoids in cannabis.

Quantification of substances

Detect and precisely measure the purity of various cannabinoids present in cannabis, including THC, CBD, CBN, CBG, and HHC.

No sample preparation

Analysis of substances can be conducted without the need for sample preparation. Additionally, they can be scanned either directly or through plastic bags, ensuring a safe and straightforward utilization of the mobile lab.

Point and click analysis

Our point-and-click solution is incredibly easy to operate and doesn’t require expertise. Just aim the NIR device at the substance of interest, press the button, and get instant results.

Instant result

The user-friendly mobile app on iOS and Android quickly displays scanning results, enabling users to perform unlimited substance analysis. Conduct as many analyses as necessary.

Up to 3 substances in a mixture

Every industry and application has its unique challenges. Our expertise lies in delivering fast, accurate solutions tailored to your specific needs. NIRLAB ensures efficient problem-solving for all key stakeholders.

What are the Benefits of NIRLAB for Cannabis Industry?

Our mobile NIR lab, designed for cannabis analysis and detection, is customized to meet the specific requirements of key stakeholders such as breeders, growers, law enforcement, pharmacies, wholesalers, and manufacturers.

NIRLAB’s cannabis analysis quickly identifies THC, CBD, CBN, CBG, and HHC, providing instant results within 5 seconds and eliminating the need for sample preparation. This versatile tool covers a spectrum of cannabis products, from dried flower to hash and resin, offering real-time quantification of major cannabinoids and the detection of washed and infused flowers.

For breeders and growers, NIRLAB revolutionizes cultivation practices with real-time substance identification and quantification. This not only keeps professionals at the forefront of the industry but also ensures compliance with legal standards, particularly concerning THC potency.

Law enforcement agencies leverage the portability and efficiency of NIRLAB’s technology, enabling on-field testing for rapidly identifying cannabis constituents. The technology securely stores results for future reference, streamlining enforcement efforts and improving overall operational efficiency.

The analysis of more than

40.000 spectra

led to exceptionally accurate predictions.

Cannabinoids (THC, CBD, HHC and more)

Dried, whole Flowers

Dried, ground flowers

Infused flowers



Mobile App

The NIRLAB App, accessible on both Android and iOS platforms, rapidly presents the results of each substance scan within seconds.

The scan results are effortlessly readable and interpretable on your mobile phone. By analyzing the spectrum and cross-referencing it with our extensive substance database, our technology identifies the specific substance in question.

In this example, we have utilized the FIELDLAB solution for the qualification and quantification of THC.


Unlock the complete potential of our cloud-based solution. Experience the advantages of precise substance identification and accurate quantification of purity within mixtures.

For instance, our NIR solution can measure the amount of THC, CBD, CBN, CBG, or HHC in Cannabis. In addition, our solution excels in accurately quantifying cannabis with high THC levels: over 30% in regular cannabis and more than 60% in hash.

Cutting Agents

The mobile app efficiently identifies and quantifies up to three key cannabinoids in cannabis, offering users valuable insights into the composition of the plant.

For example, our handheld analyzer can identify and quantify agents such as THC, CBD, CBN, CBG, HHC, and more.

Our substance list is constantly growing, with ongoing updates that are instantly accessible to all users.

Science & Blog

NIRLAB solutions analyze substances using near infrared spectroscopy. Learn more about the scientific background.

La permanence de «drug checking» a été inaugurée au Flon, à Lausanne, en octobre 2022. Elle permet aux fêtards de tester gratuitement la qualité de leur drogue pour qu’ils ne la consomment pas à l’aveugle.

Good start for the drug control center: scanned 170 samples

In six months, the Lausanne facility has attracted 90 consumers wishing to test their drugs. The canton is considering the future of the programme.

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Handheld Near Infrared spectroscopy for cannabis analysis: From the analytical problem to the chemometric solution

Potential of using NIR spectrophotometry to accurately and quickly measure THC content in cannabis inflorescences of different physical forms, and the advantages of this method for police control. Additional comparison of two different spectrophotometers to determine the best suited instrument.

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How does Near-infrared spectroscopy work?

NIR spectroscopy is a versatile and non-destructive analytical technique that provides valuable insights into the chemical composition and structure of a wide range of materials

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The Swiss start-up Nirlab Narcotics has developed a device that can test drugs for substance, dosage and purity in five seconds. How does it work?

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NIRLAB provides your results within seconds, consistently and effortlessly. Check out our tutorial on narcotics and drug analysis to see firsthand.

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Learn more about how you can analyze cannabis and quantify cannabinoids such as THC and CBD with an handheld NIR device in a few seconds.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Near-Infrared Spectroscopy, abbreviated as NIR spectroscopy, is a method employed for scrutinizing the chemical composition of diverse materials. The process involves assessing the absorption and reflection of near-infrared light by the substance under examination. As the light interacts with the molecules present, it induces vibrations that are distinctive to various chemical bonds and structures. Furthermore, the analysis of these vibrations enables NIR spectroscopy to recognize and measure different compounds within the material.

    Thanks to its non-destructive, rapid, and adaptable characteristics, NIR spectroscopy stands out as an optimal tool for the detection and verification of cannabinoids, especially in field conditions where swift and accurate results are crucial for stakeholders in the cannabis industry.

    NIRLAB’s Cannabis Solution is the pinnacle of advanced technology for determining the composition of cannabis flowers. Engineered for efficiency, our innovative solution enables the rapid and precise quantification of THC and CBD in a range of cannabis products. With results delivered in less than 5 seconds, this user-friendly solution empowers users to swiftly identify illicit substances, thereby ensuring the integrity and safety of their cannabis products. Experience the transformative potential of advanced AI and sensing technology with the NIRLAB Cannabis Solution.

    Our solution plays a crucial role in quality control by providing quick and accurate quantification of THC, CBD, and more. This helps manufacturers maintain consistent product quality and ensures compliance with industry standards. Additionally, NIRLAB is able to detect very high and very low quantities of THC, CBD, and other components with remarkable accuracy. This amplifies its ability to ensure precision and reliability of cannabis product analysis.

    Certainly! NIRLAB is specialized in analyzing dried, whole flowers, which includes buds. Our advanced solution can precisely identify and quantify a wide range of cannabis types. This includes ground flowers, hash, pollen, infused flowers, and other variations. Therefore, our analysis provides comprehensive insights into the cannabinoid composition in cannabis.

    Certainly. NIRLAB is committed to providing continuous support and updates for our cannabis Solution. Users can expect ongoing improvements of the database, which is immediately available to all users. This ensures that the technology remains at the forefront of advancements in the cannabis industry. Feel free to contact us for a complete list of substances.


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