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FIELDLAB is the only portable and mobile NIR spectroscopy solution which is ISO 17025 certified.

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NIRLAB gets your results in 5 seconds, reliable and uncomplicated. Watch our tutorial on analysing psychoactive substances.

Swiss army knife for on-site anlysis 

FIELDLAB is ISO 17025 certified and designed to perform high precision analysis anywhere in a safe, standardized and simple way. Use FIELDLAB for fast, easy and precise material and substance sensing.


Our mobile NIRLIGHT will convince you with its cost-effectiveness, exceptional performance and ease of use.


Our user-friendly and smart designed apps are available on the app stores and are displaying analysis results within 2 seconds.


Our powerful user and admin solutions allows you to manage users, devices and results, download reports and export data.

Customizable mobile NIR spectroscopy lab solution

High precision FIELDLAB is so far the only handheld and mobile spectroscopy solution which is proven to be ISO 17025 certified. By analyzing materials and substances with the FIELDLAB solution, precise real-world data is generated in real time.

Typical FIELDLAB applications

  • Qualitative and quantitative controls of raw materials and mixtures.
  • Controls of intermediate and final products.
  • Analysis outside the laboratory.
  • Changing locations (e.g. field service).
  • Need for results directly on site.

Let us build your own FIELDLAB!

NIRLAB is worldwide trusted by authorities and leading international corporations. We develop precise solutions for use cases in pharma, food, feed, safety and so on and on.

NIRLAB customizes the FIELDLAB solution to the specific needs of your individual case.

High precision NIRLIGHT

Identifying and quantifying a specific material at the touch of a button is possible with the NIRLIGHT near-infrared spectrometer:

an ultra-lightweight, wireless analyzer for instant quantitative and qualitative analysis on site and in the field. NIRLIGHT analyzes the spectrum of materials. 

NIRLIGHT can be used in any industries (pharmaceutical, food, chemical, safety), whether the materials are solid or liquid, transparent or colored. The results can be displayed instantaneously on the NIRAPP and impress in precision.

NIRLIGHT Advantages

Designed for use in the field as well as in the laboratory. 

+IP67 Rated

The device is 100% protected against solid objects like dust and protected against the effects of temporary immersion between 15 cm and 1 m.

+ Destruction-free Analysis

Little or no sample preparation is needed. No special training required.

+ No Maintenance

No special maintenance is required.

+ Long Battery Life

Fully charged device lasts minimum of 10 hours of continuous use. 

+ Results Displayed Instantly

NIRLAB App for iOS and Android delivers results quickly.

Technical Data of NIRLIGHT

Measuring principle Non-destructive analysis with NIR spectroscopy
Dispersive Element Linear Variable Filter
Detector 128 pixel InGaAs photodiode array
Weight250 g
SizeDiameter 47 mm, length 194 mm
Light source 2 tungsten NIR lamps with > 40.000 h lifetime
Spectral range 950 nm – 1,650 nm (= 10,526 cm-1 – 6060 cm-1)
Resolutionapprox. 1.25 % (FWHM)
Dynamic Range 1.000 : 1 maximum
Signal to noise ratio (SNR)1 : 23.000
Measuring distance 0 – 15 mm
Power supply Li-ion battery, > 10 h operating time
Data formats Unsb, CSV and SPC
Operating temperature– 20°C to + 40 °C (non-condensing)
RuggednessIP67 dust and splash protection, MIL-PRF-28800F Class 2
Standard accessoriesMeasuring attachment for powder and soft samples
Reflection standard


NIRAPP is our mobile App for Android and iOS and displays the results within seconds.

It is highly customizable and user friendly and all the needed features and functions you want to find in a mobile Lab are already on board.

In this example, we have used the FIELDLAB solution for the qualification and quantification of illicit substances in various forms like powders, flowers, liquids, pills. Cuttinga gents and precursors are also identified in the same analysis process.

The result in the NIRAPP shows: 

  1. The measured spectrum of questioned substance

  2. Identification of the substance

  3. Quantification of the substance

  4. Quantification of further substances (if it’s the case)

  5. Confidence level

FIELDLAB is a powerful tool for on-site analysis of any substance or material. Our solutions are build to enter the mass markets and it is proven to deliver outstanding results.

Florentin Coppey
NIRLAB | Founder

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It is unique in the world to generate data with a handheld device that is treated as equivalent to the data of a gold standard laboratory. We have proven this with the ISO 17025 certifiability of the NIRLAB system.

Prof. Pierre Esseiva
NIRLAB | Co-Founder

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NIRLAB detects and quantifies material and substance compositions non-destructively, instant and precise by using NIR spectroscopy and advanced machine learning algorithms.

The innovative digital ecosystem takes quality, transparency and security to a new level and generates real world data for automation and 3rd party AI applications.

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