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A portable, instant and ISO 17025 certifiable substance identification spectrometer.

Our Vision

A scalable digital ecosystem which enables instant truth in substance and material sensing.

Trustable Data

We enable the source of truth by using NIR spectroscopy on the next level. Accurate data within seconds meeting requirements of ISO 17025.


Fundamentally revolutionize your existing processes of laboratory analysis by adopting NIRLAB AI technology & spectroscopy.


We develop and enable mobile NIR Spectroscopy solutions that reduce time and costs effectively.


We focus on the specific needs of your business and markets. By making accurate analytics data instantly available, we enable you to develop new services and products, shorten traditional processes, and scale your business in multiple dimensions.

Get in touch with the truth

NIRLAB is made for professionals who wants to optimize workdays, focus on what is essential and rapidly develop NIR Spectroscopy and chemometrics solutions for the needs of any industry.

We believe in


Find out more about the science behind NIRLAB and how to use NIRLAB Pro.

We develop


Learn how you can automize and standardize process using the latest technologies.

We deliver


Save costs and improve transparency and quality by introducing AI based decisions.

We bring high precision labs to the field and enable instant decisions based on trustable data.

Florentin Coppey
NIRLAB | Founder

Our core competence lies in developing industry-specific solutions tailored to the unique needs of your organization. We specialize in creating NIR solutions for the agricultural, feed, food, pharmaceutical, and recycling industries.
Our Chemometrics Suite ‘NIRLAB Pro’ allows chemometricians and organizations to develop high quality data models for spectral data at a new level of speed and precision with a seamless and automatic workflow, from data acquisition to production.

NIRLAB Solutions

Our powerful applications in the field of material and substance sensing are your source of instant truth. Find out more about the existing solutions we have brought to you so far.

Narcotics Detection for Law Enforcement
Our handheld NIR spectrometer is designed to identify and quantify narcotics and explosives on-site within seconds. Our point-and-shoot solution is made for the needs of law enforcement officers: Accurate. Simple. Fast. Safe.
Cocain HCl
Purity Base
Match 99%
Drug Checking for Harm Reduction
Our portable analyzer revolutionizes drug checking for harm reduction organizations. NIRLAB for drug checking services swiftly and accurately analyzes more than 150 illicit and psychoactive substances within seconds.
Heroin Base
Purity Base
Match 98%
Cannabinoids in Cannabis
Our mobile NIR laboratory solution for the cannabis industry enables cultivators, breeders, growers, and wholesalers to quantify cannabinoids (e.g. THC, CBD, CBG) in a few seconds.
Cannabis THC
THC Total
Total CBD
Polymer Identification for Plastic Sorting
We enable recycling, plastic sorting, and waste management organizations to identify all common polymers such as PP, PA6, PA66, PET, PS, PVC, ABS, HDPE, LDPE, and many more.

Comprehensive narcotics library
NIRLAB narcotics is a unique library of more than 10,000 samples of illicit drugs seized in the streets worldwide.

Precursors and cutting agents
Detect the kind (qualify) and contents of the substance (quantify) – including precursors and cutting agents.

PA6 and PA66 distinguishing
PA6 and PA66 have similar properties and it is impossible for the naked eye to differentiate them. NIRLAB Polymers supports the precise differentiation between polyamide 6 (PA6) and polyamide 6.6 (PA66).

It is unique to the world to be capable of generating data with a handheld device that is on equal level with the data of a gold standard laboratory. We have proven this with the ISO 17025 certification of the NIRLAB system.

Prof. Pierre Esseiva
NIRLAB | Co-Founder


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NIRLAB has developed an innovative digital ecosystem which enables professionals and organizations to rapidly develop chemometrics applications in the fastes and simplest way.

    NIRLAB mobile and handheld NIR Spectroscopy Solutions and Apps

    NIRLAB detects and quantifies material and substance compositions non-destructively, instant and precise by using NIR spectroscopy and advanced machine learning algorithms.

    The innovative digital ecosystem takes quality, transparency and security to a new level and generates real world data for automation and 3rd party AI applications.

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