Analyse drugs qualitatively and quantitatively in five seconds

In order to meet the great challenge of quickly obtaining reliable results in the analysis of narcotics, it is obvious to make use of new technologies.

08. Mar 2023

Under the title “Analysing drugs qualitatively and quantitatively in five seconds”, forensic scientists Florentin Coppey and Dr Pierre Esseiva from the School of Criminal Justice at the University of Lausanne shed light on the use of NIR spectrometry, as used at NIRlab, in the analysis of narcotics. It allows an analysis to be carried out in less than five seconds, providing users with a near real-time response. The analytical performance of this method and the potential applications within police forces are described and discussed.

Florentin Coppey
Dr. Pierre Esseiva

Drogen in fünf Sekunden qualitativ und quantitativ analysieren

Noteworthy here: mobile devices like our NIRlight are ideally suited to qualitatively complement common laboratory measurements and in some cases even perform with a lower probability of error. By providing qualitative and quantitative information and helping to answer the question of the legality of a seized sample (cannabis typing), this approach has clear advantages over traditional protocols.

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