Revolutionary Instant Drug Test in 5 Seconds: T3N Unveils Life-Changer Report

Cannabis Narcotics

The Swiss start-up Nirlab Narcotics has developed a device that can test drugs for substance, dosage and purity in five seconds. How does it work?

NIRlab has arrived in the media! The digital magazine T3N reports about the mobile scanner NIRlight and the capabilities of our technology.

He holds the device, which looks like a torch, onto a clump of the weed. Seconds later, the app spits out an analysis with curves and data, including THC content. We see: Our weed contains 9.1 percent CBD and 0.1 percent THC.

Insa Schniedermeier
Redakteurin Startups bei T3N

The practical application at Swiss authorities is also discussed:

In Switzerland, 40 Nirlab devices are already being used successfully by the police, customs and for drug checking.

Insa Schniedermeier
Redakteurin Startups bei T3N

You can read the entire article here:
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